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Our strategy to achieve the goals set out in SSL4EU is:

1) To explore high quality multi-chip LED light sources taking two approaches into account: the first one consists utilizing warm white LEDs with ceramic phosphor converters, the second one will be composed of multi-colour LEDs for high quality & colour-adaptable light sources (WP1)

2) To increase the system efficiency by exploring new solutions for the three key elements within LED light engines and integrate them in one universal system:

· electronics enabling higher efficiency, smaller size, moderate cost and provide a suitable communication interface

· powerful thermal management by no-noise active cooling enabling higher efficiency

· suitable optics enabling colour-homogeneity and low losses (WP2)

3) To define the specifications of all components closely related to each other and to explore LED luminaire demonstrators combining the system components (WP3).

To determine the optimum light source spectral power distributions (SPD) for different situations in homes, offices and shops; to find out correlations between light intensity and spectrum for different activities; to set user preferences for LED lighting for optimising the achievable extra benefits in changing to LED lighting (WP 4).